The third biggest art museum in the world bases on the collections of the Russian royal families starting from the 18th century. The museum locates in formal imperial residences, housing millions of exhibits in hundreds of rooms. The tour is given in English by a professional local guide in a group of max 20 people. Duration 2 hrs.

St Petersburg is known as the cultural capital of Russia.  There’s a possibility to attend a world famous ballet or opera performance. You can book tickets through us to the performance scheduled for your trip, buy them on-line at theatre web pages or try your luck at a box office. 

The Kremlin is the oldest part of Moscow, housing the political headquarters of the Russian Federation. It’s the symbol of the Russian heartland, its mystery and power. The guided tour allows you to visit the Kremlin grounds and the ancient cathedrals, were the Russian Tsars were crowned and buried through the centuries. Duration 2-3 hrs.

If you are interested in the political history of Moscow in the Soviet period, this excursion is for you! It contains an excursion to an enormous mid 60's bomb shelter, which was built into a modern command centre in case of a nuclear attack. During the tour you will be shown a video, try Soviet uniforms, dissemble AK-47 and enjoy a military lunch – buckwheat porridge and 100 gr of vodka, leaving you a good after taste of the underground experience. Duration 2-3 hrs. Museum is accepting groups only of 20 people and more. If the activity group is less than 20 people, program will be cancelled and the money refunded.

The Moscow circus is world famous and definitely worth seeing! A world-class performance! However, we need to warn that the performances contain a lot all kinds of circus animals… Duration 2 hrs.

It’s said that Moscow is even more spectacular in its light illumination. Indeed, Moscow by night with its gigantic skyscrapers is definitely worth seeing. Besides, there are no traffic jams and you can get the most informative city tour. You can conclude the tour by visiting one or several of the night clubs or bars in the city center. Duration 2 hrs.


Moscow metro stations are often called “people’s palaces”. Decorated with marbles, mosaics, sculptures, and chandeliers they were supposed to display the superiority of Soviet architecture and the wealth of the Soviet citizens. In addition, the subway is the best way to move around the city. The guided tour in the Moscow metro shows you the most beautiful stations, reveals the historical backgrounds and teaches you using the subway, which still is the cheapest and fastest way to get around in Moscow.


Definitely one of must-to-do’s in St Petersburg!  “The Northern Venice” has 16 km of embankments, 48 canals and rivers, and 800 bridges. Many of the beautiful palaces and mansions were designed to façade the riverside. With a river and canals cruise, you make a time travel to the heart of the imperial city. Breath-taking views are accompanied by classical music and of course – the Soviet champagne (Russian sparkling wine)!


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