Once in a lifetime

Living in Sweden is a perfect opportunity to travel across Northern Europe. In Timetravels, we offer guided tours for young and active people to the most remarkable and exotic destinations here up North. The highlight of this spring is visa-free cruises to St.Petersburg, Russia. We give out great tour packages for promotional prices, so hurry up to check our offers below!

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Why travel with us 

Group travel is social, memorable and cost-efficient way to explore the world. Timetravels has been organising trips to the North since 2006 and we really know how to make the travel hassle-free.

We take over the planning, bookings, organising activities and unlocking special discounts. Your role is to have a great time with co-travellers, visit places you have never seen before, learn new things and enjoy breathtaking activities. It is surprisingly true that travelling alone would hardly provide you as much additional value as an organized trip.

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