Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Talked to real Santa Claus? Had a husky or snowmobile ride? Not yet? No problem, it is easy to make happen.

The only thing you need is to get to Lapland. To the wild frozen area up North where mysterious Saami people believe in magic and breed reindeers for living. True, but Lapland is not only about that, but there is also another side to it, with bright colours, inspiration, mind-blowing sceneries, outdoor activities and a lot of fun! Otherwise, why would Santa have chosen Finnish Lapland to be his home?!

1. Meet Santa and his Elves

“To break the ice”, Lapland traditionally starts with meeting Joulupukki, Finnish Santa Claus, who lives and works in his own village next to Rovaniemi, right on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It is truly amazing to see Santa busy reading wish letters from kids and chatting in different languages with travelers from all around the world. After must-have photography with Santa, his Elves will assist you to send a postcard from Santa’s official post office and receive a certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle.


2. Stay in wooden cottages in the middle of nowhere

On the other side of Arctic Circle, the magic wonderland of snow is waiting for you to offer many beautiful places to spend a week as a Finn. Most Lappish resorts feature also traditional hotel rooms, but if you want to warm-up a private sauna and chill out by the fireplace with your family or friends, log cabins would be a good choice. Log cabins vary by size and accommodate from two to sixteen people under the same roof. Cabins are well equipped (WC, shower, sauna, fireplace, drying cabinet, kitchen, living room, TV set, etc) so you will not compromise on comfort.


3. See the Northern Lights

If you wish to see the Lights dancing on a sky it makes perfect sense to travel to the Northern part of Lapland. Before you go, do not forget to download an app showing the probability of the Northern Lights for the next days. S
ign up for a guided safari focused on catching that natural phenomenon. Safari may vary from a simple snowshoe walk to a well-equipped snowmobile ride with snacks and hot drinks. Down the road, local guides will teach you to understand the essentials of Northern Lights, read the stars and survive in wild nature.


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