Cancelling your package tour reservation

1. Orders cancellation fee
The following cancellation conditions apply to our regular student tours (i.e., Russia, Norway, Iceland and Lapland). Please note that student cruise trips such as the Pirates of the Baltic Sea Cruise, and tours to sporting events are subject to special cancellation conditions as stated in the order copy and visible when trip booking. 

          1.1. Cancelling 28 days or more before departure: the customer is charged a service fee of €40. In case of bank transfer/post costs, the amount will be added to the fee.

          1.2. Cancelling between 27 and 18 days before departure: the customer is charged a service fee of 25%. 

          1.3. Cancelling between 17 and 8 days before departure: the customer is charged a service fee of 50%.. 

          1.4. If the tour is cancelled less than 8 days before the departure, Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to charge the entire price of the reservation.

   Please, do note that:
          A. In cases of minor purchases where the percentual refund might end up being below 40€ the size of the refund is either %-based or exactly 40€, whichever is higher.
          B. In case of bank transfer/post costs, the amount will be added to the above-mentioned fee.
         C. In cases where a customer pays by bank transfer invoice, the included 3€ payment method fee will be exempt from this refund and is kept by Timetravels. The basic price of the reservation and all included Extras are subject to the refund as normal.

2. Orders including travel insurance
If you cannot join your current trip and have purchased our Travel Insurance, you might be entitled to a larger refund based on the insurance. Please consult our customer service regarding this and please also do note that an insurance case can take several weeks to reach a conclusion before the final refund sum has been decided. Documentation, such as a medical record and doctors statement, for your reason to cancel, will be required for our insurance company.
          2.1 Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to charge for the payment of non-refundable cancellation fees, e.g., performance tickets, flight tickets, train tickets, pre-paid services etc., based on the Finnish law of Package tours (15.2). We strongly recommend that clients purchase travel insurance that covers the cost of cancellation due to illness. The reason for the cancellation must be reported to Timetravels Ltd. as soon as possible and confirmed by a doctor's certificate, police report or other official and reliable documentation.
          2.2 In addition, cancellations, after the trip has begun, are not covered by insurance and are therefore handled as per rule 4. above. Do note however that in medical emergency cases the insurance will instead cover the costs of treatment and any medical fees up to 3000€.

3. Orders including flight tickets
If you have booked your flight tickets via Timetravels and the flight is cancelled or rescheduled causing delays of 12 hours or more, Timetravels will do the following:

         3.1 Refund the cost of the flight ticket and of the trip if you would like to cancel your reservation
         3.2 Alternatively, offer a replacement trip with the next flight, depending on the rescheduling options available to the flight company we have used.
         3.3 Compensate the client for the missing parts of the package journey, with the following exceptions:
                  3.3.1 If the airline cancels the flight in the absence of genuine force majeure, such as a terrorist attack, a strike or adverse weather conditions, you are entitled to seek compensation directly from the flight company (€250) through the EU aviation authorities.
                 3.3.2 If you have booked the connecting flight ticket independently, Timetravels is not responsible for any costs resulting from the cancellation of the flight. These include costs of the cancelled flight, the missed package tour and the costs of postponing and rescheduling your trip.

4. Orders cancellations procedure
Cancellations are registered on working days only: Mon–Fri 10.00–16.15 (East European Time), excluding Finnish national holidays. Cancellation terms are applied from the date Timetravels Ltd. reads the notification by e-mail to

Please allow one (1) month for Timetravels Ltd. to process your refund. If the tour was paid for by credit or debit card, the refund is made directly to the card.

Customers who are being refunded by bank transfer should provide Timetravels Ltd. with the following bank details:

  • Account number (IBAN for European banks)


  • Account owner's name and postal address

  • Name of bank and official address of the branch

For trips departing before 01.01.2020 the cancellation policy is applied as the one in your order confirmation email.
In case of questions, you can contact us at


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