15.6.2020 Updates 

EU countries are gradually returning back to normal, as coronavirus pandemic is about to be under control in many countries. Starting from 15.6. free travel is permitted again between Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This list is expected to be extended by more EU countries by the beginning of July.  

Timetravels will resume its student and youth tours to Lapland, Norway, Baltics during the upcoming Autumn semester. The volume of operations will depend on the number of exchange students in the universities of our partnering student organisations and Erasmus student sections. 

The upcoming tours in Autumn will continue with special terms and conditions, allowing free cancellation and postponing of the tour, according to the exception specified on our cancellation policy page, here. You can book with confidence - we have a strong balance and our financing is secured even though the operations would not recover in the next two years. 

Timetravels cancelled all the tours starting from 12.3.2020. All customers were fully refunded for tours and services, those could not take place or had to be interrupted. 

Our team has taken advantage of the idle time by starting various development projects. We believe, that the result of these projects will be a stronger and more sustainable organisation with improved customer experience, eg. new safety policies, interesting new activities, new travel products and innovative IT solutions. Projects should be completed by the beginning of Autumn for the upcoming season. More information will follow on our website! 

31.3.2020 Updates 

We are happy to announce a small victory in our battle against the current situation. As of today, our team has completed with all refunds for all the tours and services, those could not take place due to the pandemic. 

The processing time will now depend on banks and credit card companies. Please be in touch with our customer service by e-mail (customerservice(at)timetravels.fi), if you do not receive your refund by 10.4.2020. In your mail, please indicate your full name and booking ID. Our team will check up this for you as fast as possible. 

We are really sorry, that we could not fulfil the tour of your life this spring. One day travelling will be possible again. Rest assured, that we will ready and expecting to see you again! 

In the meanwhile, it is time to stay safe and dream. 

-Team Timetravels 

27.3.2020 Updates 

By today, 98% of the refunds are processed.
Please note, that due to a large number of refunds taking place at the moment globally, payment gateway, banks and credit card companies may have delays in their processing times; delivery time can be up to 5 working days. Thank you for your patience!   

23.3.2020 Updates 

All departures until 31.05.2020 are cancelled.

By today, 50 % of the refunds are processed and our team is doing their best to complete everything by the end of March. Refunds are transaction-based (each transaction is refunded separately) using the same payment method as with the payment.  Please note, that due to large amount of refunds taking place at the moment globally, payment gateway, banks and credit card companies may have delays in their processing times. Thank you for your patience!   

18.3.2020 Updates 

We in Timetravels Ltd (Aikamatkat Oy) are taking the initiative to do all our best to fight the covid19 pandemic. Today our board has decided to cancel all our tours (all destinations) until 22.4.2020. All our teams will work remotely until the situation is returning to normal.

For tours, taking place after 22.4.2020 there is an open cancellation policy - you can cancel without any costs. The situation of tours taking place after 22.4. will be checked at the end of March. 

All our participants were contacted by Tuesday 17.3.2020 by 12.00 with instructions, how to receive the refund. If you did not receive the email, please, contact us at customerservice[at]timetravels.fi. Refunds are paid using the same payment method as with tour booking. Credit card payments are refunded back to your credit card and bank transfer payments to your bank account. Due to a large number of refunds, the process is estimated to take 2-4 weeks. We will assign extra human resources for refund payments. 

Thank you for your understanding!  

13.03.2020 Updates

Due to rapidly changing situation with covid19 outbreak, Timetravels Ltd (Aikamatkat Oy) grants full refund to everyone wishing to cancel any upcoming tour to Lapland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Iceland and Baltic state for any reason starting from 13.3.2020. We will be in touch with all the passengers for instructions on Monday 16.3.2020 by our customer service. If your tour takes places this weekend, you can announce your cancellation to your tour guide by SMS or phone.      

Tours to Russia: Citizens of Italy cannot travel to Russia at the moment. We will contact each passenger individually for a full refund. Other updates regarding Russian departures are following up next Monday. 

Tours to Norway: Norway has implemented travel restrictions and mandatory self-quarantine for everyone arriving from abroad. This decision is valid currently until 28.3.2020. Due to this, on our Lapland tours, day excursions to Norway will be cancelled. 

More information following up on Monday 16.3.2020 by 12.00. 

Other updates: 

Instructions for exchange students 

The authorities in several countries are intensifying the health controls to guarantee your and everyone wellbeing. If you are an exchange student currently studying in Scandinavia, Poland or the Baltic States, we do not recommend to travel abroad, especially to France, China, Germany Iran, Italy, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom.

If you have purchased flight tickets, most of the flight companies are giving at the moment full refund or possibility of free rescheduling of the tour. Travelling to contagious territories may cause the following risks: 

  • Increased risk of infection.
  • Your country may set up sudden travel restrictions, making it impossible to return. 
  • The flight company may cancel your flight connection. 
  • You may be requested to self-quarantine upon your arrival back by local authorities.  
  • Other consequences, set by your university, dormitory or local authority. 
At the moment Denmark and Norway have implemented travel restrictions. 

Tours to Russia

Russia has currently restricted entry to citizens from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Macao, Italy and Iran. In addition, flights to EU have been cancelled. Passengers from these nationalities will receive a full refund from us. More updates are following on Monday. 

Visa-free cruises to St Petersburg

According to St Peterline, all ferry departures will take place. You can read the update from the ferry company here. This information will be updated as we receive more information.

Tours to Moscow

In order to prevent epidemy spreading from contagious territories, the Moscow city government has set a special health regulation on 7.3.2020 for arrivals at Moscow airport. Travellers (Russian or foreign citizens) arriving or transiting through from Italy, France, Spain and Germany, should report their travel and self-quarantine for 14 days or the duration of the stay in Moscow. This condition does not yet apply our group tours, because we are entering the border from Finland (groups from Scandinavia) and Estonia (groups from the Baltic States and Poland). We will be immediately in touch with you if there will be changes in travel restrictions or in the tour, which you have booked. Visit the local government COVID-19 website for updated information. Currently, these travel restrictions apply only to the city of Moscow and direct arrivals from contagious zones. 

Full refund policy applies

If Timetravels Ltd has to cancel your tour due to an updated regulation, travel recommendation or any other force majeure condition you will receive a full refund for your payment. We have strong financial buffers and insurance covering all our operations. In addition to this, all customer payments are protected by a travel guarantee by the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority with register no 514/06/Mj, Aikamatkat Oy (Timetravels Ltd) business ID 2011937-5.

B2B customers of Timetravel Incoming Oy Ltd

Business customers of Timetravels Incoming Ltd (the incoming tour operator, the daughter company of Timetravels) - please be in touch with your respective account manager regarding case-specific refund policy.     

Further questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. Please note, that at the moment our customer service is heavily occupied and there may be delays in our answers. Your health and safety is the most important thing for us.

Further information and reading

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