We invite you to start the preparations for submitting a digital visa application and posting your travel documents to us. On this page, we will walk you through the process of getting your visa to Russia. Do not hesitate to contact us if any questions are left after reading this step-to-step guide.

1. Submit a digital visa application

First thing you would need to do, is to submit a visa application at the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please follow the instructions below to avoid extra hassle with the application. Expected filling time is about 20 minutes. 

Apply for visa


When you have filled up all the required information to the visa application form, you can check the information once again and correct information before you save and print out the form. If you notice mistakes when you have printed the form out, you should correct them in the system, by signing up to your visa application again (by using your password, application ID and passport details). After making the corrections, please print the corrected form for posting the documents.


2. Post your travel documents to Timetravels

Required Documents
  • A valid travel passport, valid at least for 6 months after the trip – you will get the passport back only on the first day of the trip.  

  • One passport sized picture, less than 6-month-old (no photocopy or self-printed picture will do!)

  • Digital visa application filled, printed and signed. ATTENTION! The application has to be completed ONLINE via the webpage of the Consular department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

  • Non-EU citizens will have to attach a student certificate from the Finnish university you are now studying at. This paper can be obtained usually from the international office/student affairs office and it does not cost anything. WITHOUT a date when a study in Scandinavia has started. 

  • NB! For citizens of the USA and Australia, the visa processing will take 15 work days. Please, deliver your documents on time!

Post address 

Hatanpään valtatie 24 
33100 Tampere

Deadline for posting: not later than 4 WEEKS before the departure
Documents are to be sent by Secure Mail or Express Mail

Sending the Documents by Secure or Express Mail

For sending the passport and visa documents, please use secured mail or express mail. Secured mail means that the delivery will be handled extra carefully and it is always recommended for valuable/important deliveries. When sending the delivery with secure mail, you will receive a code of the delivery for following it online. When the delivery arrives at our office in Helsinki, you will receive a short message by e-mail from our team, confirming that we have received your documents. 

If you are in a hurry to send the documents by the deadline, please use express mail, which is the fastest way to send documents. When sending the documents by express mail, you will also get a tracking code for the delivery and will be able to follow the delivery. 

Live in Helsinki or Tampere?

If you happen to be in Helsinki or Tampere area, you are welcome to pay us a visit and bring us your visa documents. We are always happy to help and also greet our Timetravelers personally!


The absolute deadline for submitting the documents at our office is 4 weeks before your departure date. If this deadline is not followed, Timetravels cannot guarantee the visa issuing by the departure date. NB! For citizens of Australia, USA, UK, and Ireland the visa processing takes up to 15 working days.


During the whole processing period, your passport will be kept at the Russian Embassy and you will get it back on the first day of the trip. Make sure, that you don’t have any trips planned for weekends, those might require a passport. More information on traveling within Europe is found here.


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