We in Timetravels believe, that travelling helps us to open our mind and soul, to understand the meaning of life and to become better people. Whenever we experience such strong emotions, it feels like the time stops and we become one with the universe. We forget all the troubles in the past and worries about the future. And then the magic happens - we start smiling as if we were children again. This is when we are truly alive and present. These are the moments we remember for the rest of our lives.

We hope, that we helped to create You these moments. Whether you have been on our trip, or just about to attend one, we are asking you to share these memories with us. Let’s cheer up the world with a happy and positive message!

You can participate by video or picture, it can be emotional, crazy, fun, a story or something original - you decide!

All the entries will be presented in the contest gallery and some of them will be featured in our stories!



  • 1st PRIZE CHOSEN BY TIMETRAVELS - the favourite entry, chosen by Timetravels team. The same as above. 
  • In addition, there will be 5 other prices chosen by Timetravels jury - each of them will get a 100 € gift card on any upcoming Timetravels tours (or 50 € in money)  

*All gift cards are valid for one year. Gift cards can be redeemed also for any existing booking for upcoming tours (after 20.3.2020)

how to participate

You can do it easily on your phone simply by using Instagram OR Facebook with the two hashtags combination and captions as follows (please use both hashtags). Alternatively, you can also use an online form for sending your material straight to the gallery. 

All entries will be visible on our photo contest gallery and people can vote for them.

By entering our contest, you agree to our official contest rules


Please submit your entry by 20.3.2020 at 12.00 PM (GMT+2)!

Winners are announced on our social media channels on 25.3.2020 at 03.00 PM (GMT+2)

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