“To break the ice”, Lapland traditionally starts with meeting Joulupukki, Finnish Santa Claus, who lives and works in his own village next to Rovaniemi, right on the edge of the Arctic Circle. So to meet Santa, you would need to cross the Arctic Circle first. But no worries, the crossing is not too demanding, and what is best – you will be rewarded straight away by entering the Santa’s wonderland.

It is truly amazing to walk along the magic paths of eternal Christmas residence, meet the mythical elves and see Santa reading wish letters sent by kids from all around the world. As a proof of his extraterrestrial nature, Santa might speak with you in your own language. And Santa is really willing to have a photography of each and every of his visitors, so get prepared to a photo set.

After must-have photography with Santa, his elves will assist you to send a postcard from Santa’s official post office. This is how you could surprise your relatives and friends – just imagine the impression the Santa’s Arctic post office stamp would make on them.