Winter is coming

Unlike the Starks from Game of Thrones, we look for the winter season to come. In fact, winter is one the most beautiful and pure states of nature and a great source for inspiration. Especially, if you spend it in the right place. So where the perfect winter lives? Our answer is the North of Finland aka Northern Lapland with its bright colours, wild magic, mind-blowing sceneries and extreme outdoor activities. Why Santa Claus would otherwise have chosen that location to be his home..

In the set of upcoming articles we will introduce you the Northern Lapland and get across what makes it a perfect place to spend some winter days. Of course, everyone discovers his/her own Lapland, but for the start we came up with a short list of things to do and enjoy there up North:

  • Cross the Arctic Circle and meet the real Santa Claus

  • Stay in wooden cottages in the middle of nowhere

  • See the Northern lights  

  • Try arctic swimming

  • Go for a husky safari

  • Speed with snowmobiles

  • Learn cross-country skiing

  • Try snowshoeing in wilderness

  • Survive in extreme outdoor conditions

  • Jump in the snow from sauna