• Once upon a time there were two students of Russian language, studying in Tampere university
  • Everyday they were dreaming of travelling but could not afford it
  • One day they came up with an idea to collect a student group for a cheap trip to St Petersburg, Russia. The trip was a great success and many legends were born, for instance Spanish exchange students having an after party in a Russian police station - with the policemen!
  • Because of that student started requesting more and more similar tours. Encouraged by the feedback, the two fellows decided to take a risk and open a next generation travel agency. They took a student loan, opened a small office and started selling tours to Russia with promise “affordable, international, fun, educational and with legendary service”
  • A little bit later Finnish Lapland became one of new destinations. The same concept applied to unique experiences from the pure, wild nature of the North was a great success and started to grow fast. Timetravels started to offer group tours also to adult segments, companies, incentive sport and culture travel. And what do you know, it started to work out too!
  • Towards 2014 Timetravels started to attract also incoming tourists from Asia and the future looks full of opportunities and positive challenges
  • The last ten years have been quite a journey. It has been a story of  youth craziness, love, passion, friendship cultural understanding and constant thrive to learn more, work hard and develop for better future!  
  • Welcome aboard to make history with us! Unique experience and legendary service is guaranteed!

Timetravels - Aikamatkat