By making a reservation for a package and/or group tour with Timetravels Ltd., you are accepting the following terms and conditions.  

Internet and printed media 

1. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to change any information it publishes online or in printed media, at any time and without prior notice.

2. Timetravels Ltd. is a bonded, licenced tour operator, approved by the Finnish Consumer Ombudsman. All prepayments are 100 percent protected by financial guarantee deposits made in accordance with Finland’s package travel regulations. Licence number: 0514/06/MjMv.

Terms of payment and pricing

1. All tours should be paid for at least 28 days before the scheduled date of departure, either by accepted credit/debit cards or by bank transfer.

2. If the tour is booked less than 28 days before departure, it should be paid for no later than two days after making the reservation.

3. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to cancel pending reservations without notification if payment is not received within the specified time.

4. Student discount offers are only available to holders of a valid student card.

5. All prices and offers are subject to change.

6. Tour price does not include the cost of individual visas, optional programs, dining in restaurants, night club entrance fees, additional travel services or bus and train connections in Finland, unless otherwise stated in the current itinerary.

Discounts for groups, students and children and special campaigns 

1. Student discounts always require a valid student card. For Lapland tours by train, a Finnish student card is mandatory if purchasing the tour at a discounted student price.

2. Other special discounts are valid from the moment they are announced. Discounts do not apply to reservations made before a discount campaign is launched.

3. Travel and accommodation are free for children under 2 years old. There is no need to book a separate place on transportation for the child or reserve an additional bed in the hotel/hostel or other accommodation.  

Terms of Russian visa service

1. These terms also apply when purchasing a Russian visa only.

2. Timetravels Ltd. is not liable for rejected visa applications.

3. Timetravels Ltd. is not responsible for the loss, damage or delay of documents caused by the Russian consulate, other officials, postal and courier service providers, or any other parties.

4. The client is responsible for checking that the information on their Russian visa is correct. Timetravels Ltd. is not responsible for information printed incorrectly on the Russian visa.

5. Timetravels Ltd. is not responsible for the client's visa registration if the accommodation is not booked through Timetravels Ltd.

6. Single-entry Russian visas usually take at least 10 working days to be processed from the date Timetravels Ltd. receives your documents. Please note that Russian national holidays may delay the visa process.

Changing your package tour reservation

If you change your tour dates or cancel your trip 28 days or more before departure, Timetravels Ltd. charges a service fee of €20. However, if you change or cancel less than 28 days before departure, conditions outlined in the following section (Cancelling Your Package Tour Reservation) apply.

Please note! Extra Activities booked separately through the Customer Account, are not subject to changes or refunds.

Cancelling your package tour reservation

The following cancellation conditions apply to our regular tours (i.e., Russia, Norway, Iceland and Lapland). Please note that student cruise trips such as the Pirates of the Baltic Sea Cruise, and tours to sporting events are subject to special cancellation conditions. 

1. Cancelling 28 days or more before departure: customer is charged a service fee of €20. Non-EU citizens may also have to pay bank transfer fees.

2. Cancelling between 28 and 15 days before departure: customer is charged a service fee of 25% of the tour price in addition to possible visa and banking/postal charges.

3. Cancelling between 15 and 7 days before departure: customer is charged a service fee of 50% of the tour price in addition to possible visa and banking/postal charges.

4. Cancelling between 7 days and 48 hours prior to departure: customer is charged a service fee of 75% of the tour price in addition to possible visa and banking/postal charges.

5. If the tour is cancelled less than 48 hours before departure, Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to charge the entire price of the tour.

6. If you are prevented from joining the tour by unforeseen circumstances such as illness or accident, you are entitled to cancel at any time before departure in accordance with Timetravels’ rules and regulations listed above.

  • You are requested to provide Timetravels with a doctor's certificate, police report or other official and reliable document confirming the reason for your cancellation.
  • If the certificate is valid, the you are entitled to one of the following:
    1. A replacement trip to the same destination at a later date, depending on Timetravels’ available departures. Non-refundable items, such as tourist visas, pre-paid activities and connecting transportation fees are not covered by this offer and must be purchased again for the rearranged trip. Please do note that customers who have already once before used their right to switch to another trip forego their right to change it further in order to avoid changing their trip continually.

    2. A 100% refund of the package purchase price when covered by a Travel Insurance policy purchased from Timetravels.

Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to charge for the payment of non-refundable cancellation fees, e.g., performance tickets, flight tickets, train tickets, pre-paid services etc., based on the Finnish law of Package tours (15.2). We strongly recommend that clients purchase travel insurance that covers the cost of cancellation due to illness. The reason for the cancellation must be reported to Timetravels Ltd. as soon as possible and confirmed by a doctor's certificate, police report or other official and reliable documentation.

7. If you have booked your flight tickets via Timetravels and the flight is cancelled or rescheduled causing delays of 12 hours or more, Timetravels will do the following:

  • Refund the cost of the flight ticket and of the trip if you would like to cancel your reservation

  • Alternatively, offer a replacement trip with the next flight, depending on the rescheduling options available to the flight company we have used

  • Compensate the client for the missing parts of the package journey, with following exceptions:

  • If the flight company cancels the flight in the absence of genuine force majeure, such as a terrorist attack, a strike or adverse weather conditions, you are entitled to seek compensation directly from the flight company (€250) through the EU aviation authorities.

  • If you have booked the connecting flight ticket independently, Timetravels is not responsible for any costs resulting from the cancellation of the flight. These include: costs of the cancelled flight, the missed package tour and the costs of postponing and rescheduling your trip.

8. Please note that cancellations are registered on working days only: Mon–Fri 10.00–16.15, excluding national holidays. Cancellation terms are applied from the date Timetravels Ltd. reads the notification by e-mail to

9. Please allow one (1) month for Timetravels Ltd. to process your refund. If the tour was paid for by credit or debit card, the refund is made directly to the card.

10. Customers who are being refunded by bank transfer should provide Timetravels Ltd. with the following bank details:

  • Account number (IBAN for European banks)


  • Account owner's name and postal address

  • Name of bank and official address of branch

Travel agency’s rights to make changes and cancellations 

1. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to make minor changes to the itinerary and tour arrangements. These may include changes to accommodation within the same price range and classification; and changing the order of, or cancelling, activities in the itinerary. The reasons for these minor changes are beyond our control and they do not entitle clients to cancel their trip or claim compensation.

2. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to change the timetable and the type of transportation used to transfer clients to the official place of departure (e.g. airport, harbour, train station). In the event of such changes, clients will be notified by e-mail and SMS no later than 3 days before departure.

3. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to cancel an entire tour no less than 21 days before departure, if there are insufficient bookings to make it worthwhile. Payment for the tour is refunded to the client. In such cases, it may be possible to transfer to a similar package tour taking place at a later date.

4. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to cancel an entire tour at short notice due to force majeure (including but not limited to: extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes, war, political unrest, and insurmountable technical problems with flights, trains or ferries).

5. Timetravels Ltd. reserves the right to change itineraries, excursions and prices. Timetravels Ltd. may decide to change or cancel excursions and additional activities at the destination due to a lack of participants or because of adverse weather conditions.

6. Timetravels Ltd. has deposited sufficient funds to meet its financial responsibilities. Clients who are entitled to compensation for the cost of the tour will receive payment in full from the Finnish Consumer Agency.

Correct contact data

1. Clients are obliged to provide Timetravels Ltd. with a valid phone number and a valid, working e-mail address or a valid postal address so that we can contact you with important tour information and changes.

2. Clients are responsible for the accuracy of any information they provide to Timetravels Ltd. (including names, date of birth, addresses, passport data, visa application data, allergy and food preference information), whether online, by phone or via any other form of communication. This also applies to information provided on behalf of other individuals who will be taking part in the tour. 

Departure time 

1. Clients are responsible for arriving at places of departure at the time specified in the current itinerary.

2. Clients who arrive late for departure are not entitled to compensation for missing the tour or any of its excursions and activities. Clients who miss the scheduled return transportation must organize and pay for it themselves.

3. Delays caused by transportation of any kind (train, bus, plane, car, etc.) not organized by Timetravels Ltd. do not constitute a valid reason for missing a scheduled Timelines’ departure and are therefore not subject to compensation.

Terms of accommodation

1. Clients who choose the shared double room, dorm or cabin accommodation options without having a roommate on the trip or on the trip reservation will be assigned a roommate by the travel agency. The roommate will not necessarily be the same gender or in the same group as the client. Clients who do not wish to share with the assigned person are obliged to pay for their own single room in the destination in accordance with the travel agency’s usual tariffs. 

Correct travel documents

1. Clients are responsible for making sure that they have the required travel documents (passports, visas, etc.).

2. The previous point applies in particular to clients who require a Schengen visa. Terms of visa-free tours to Russia require sufficient entries on the Schengen visa for the holder to enter Russia and return to the European Union.

3. Timetravels Ltd. does not compensate clients who incur costs as a result of not having the required travel documentation or who lose or damage their passport, visa, etc. while on the tour.

Behaviour during the tour 

1. Timetravels reserves the right to terminate the booking of any client whose behaviour endangers or harms other travellers on the package tour. If the passenger damages third party property, threatens or insults fellow passengers, breaks the laws or acts inappropriately, Timetravels tour leader will remove the individual from the tour. Timetravels will report all cases of this sort to the local authorities. 

Mistakes during the tour 

1. Mistakes or problems occurring during the tour should be communicated to Timetravels representatives, guides or tour conductors who will attempt to resolve them as fast and effectively as possible.

2. Clients who do not complain about a problem during the tour have no right to compensation afterwards.

3. Timetravels Ltd. processes all filed complaints within 6 weeks of receiving them and after hearing from all the parties involved.


Timetravels Ltd. is not liable for damage to a client’s person or property during the tour (including but not limited to: injuries, acute illness, lost, stolen or damaged belongings). We strongly recommend that all our clients obtain valid insurance cover for the tours.

Consumer monitoring agency 

Package tour law is monitored by “Kuluttajavirasto” – Finnish Consumer Agency/Consumer Ombudsman.

Postal address:

Haapaniemenkatu 4 A, P.O.Box 5, 00531 Helsinki 
Telephone (switch): +358 10 19 4700 
Telefax: +358 9 876 4398 
Registrar’s office: +358 10 19 4677 
Consumer rights advice Tue–Thu 10–12, telephone: +358 10 19 4675. 


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