Vasatokka is located in the polar region of Scandinavia where the Aurora Borealis is most active. According to the statistics, it is visible 200 days during the active season, from September to April. The chance to see it depends by the Northern light intensity and the cloudiness weather. However, the possibility of a cloudless night during your visit is pretty good.

included in the base fare // DURATION 2hrs

Have you ever dreamt of meeting the REAL Santa? Well, dream no more! Now’s your chance to meet him in person in Santa’s Village (Joulupukin Pajakylä), in Rovaniemi, right on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Cross the magical Arctic Circle, take a selfie with SANTA, enjoy a drink or a meal in a local café or restaurant, buy souvenirs and send postcards from Santa’s official post office


  • Activities included in the base fare are not subject to any partial/activity refund

TIMETRAVELS price: from 39€ // DURATION 1h // clothes included

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Take your winter driving skills to the next level with your friends. Ice karting is an easy and safe way to learn the basics of ice driving and have some fun. The Circuit is 570m long and they have more than 10m level difference and LED lighting. Start your engines!

included in the base fare

How to survive in the extreme weather conditions? What happens when all of a sudden you need to stay outdoors overnight? During this activity you learn basic skills of making a fire without matches, how to build a cover overnight and practice some Ice-Fishing. Useful skills that are needed here above the Arctic Circle!


  • warm outdoor clothes and snow boots are recommended (3h outside)

TIMETRAVELS price: from 30€ - average price in Inari region: from 40€ // DURATION 3hrs // difficulty: moderate

Dare to try one of the oldest ways to travel in Lapland! Our guides will show you the Cross-Country Skiing technique so you will be ready to try 2km track on your own. (distance depends on your skills) Only for beginners! Ski rental and a guide are included.


  • Moisture-wicking, quick-drying clothes recommended.
Aurora Hunt
Timetravels price: from 29€ // Duration 3hrs //Warm clothing recommended // difficulty: easy

Life is about maximizing chances, right? Aurora Borealis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many and it is not unusual to see Auroras in the Vasatokaa Area. In this 3 hour tour, you will learn about Northern Lights and our guide will take you to the best locations where Auroras might appear and you will be taken there by bus. The Auroras, Northern lights, are something that nature creates. There is no one place where you can be sure to see them - sometimes you really need to hunt them. Even when the solar activity is right and the timing is perfect, we still need to be lucky enough to see the lights.
Please note, that Aurora sights are NOT GUARANTEED during this activity, but they are highly possible. 


TIMETRAVELS price: from 35€ - average price in Inari region: from 65€ // DURATION 3hrs // difficulty: moderate

We will gather in the evening to experience snowshoeing - one of the oldest ways to explore the snowy forest of the Arctic region. After a short introduction, you will get to use a GPS device to navigate through the nightly forest. During the short 2-3 km hike in the forest next to Vasatokka, you can spot animal tracks and even Northern Lights if you are lucky! In the end, you will learn how to make your own fire without matches and celebrate it with a nice BBQ.


  • warm outdoor clothes and snow boots are recommended(2h outside)

TIMETRAVELS price: from 95€ - average price in Inari region: from 130€ // DURATION 3hrs // Driving time:40min/per person // difficulty: easy

The snowmobiles are a convenient means of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill. Each snowmobile is shared between 2 persons, so both can drive about 40 minutes. The route takes you to hidden places out in the wilderness. For people who have an adventure in their mind!


  • warm outdoor clothes are required and not included. Overall, boots, gloves and helmets are provided.

TIMETRAVELS price: from 59€- activity average price in Inari region: from 130€ // Duration: whole day // difficulty: easy


This activity is subject to international travel requirements. If the activity is not possible, we will propose an alternative activity or this activity refund.

During this guided day bus tour you will learn more about the arctic nature, three sámi cultures and Finnish kven culture located in the Bugoynes village on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. In addition, you will see breathtaking landscapes have a chance to walk on the shore of the Arctic ocean and even swim there. You have also the possibility to taste a traditional fish soup in a local restaurant. The tour is about 550 km in total and takes about 11 hrs.


  • warm outdoor clothes and snow boots are recommended

TIMETRAVELS price: from 37.5€ - average price in Inari region: from 65€ // DURATION 6hrs with transportation// Driving time: 5min/per person // difficulty: easy

Reindeer farm activity is temporarly not for sale online. The activity will be on sale at destination.

This activity is devoted to the culture of the Saami people, the indigenous nation living in the Northernmost territories of Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. During the visit to the Reindeer Farm, you will meet with real Saami people and their reindeers, have a short reindeer sledge ride and visit a local handicraft store. After all the reindeers are fed, you will go to the cozy Kota to have a tea break and listen to the Reindeer Stories!


  • warm outdoor clothes and snow boots are recommended(1,5h outside)

TIMETRAVELS price: from 75€ - average price in Inari region: from 130€// DURATION 2hrs // Driving time: 10min/per person // difficulty: easy

Alaskan huskies are cheerful and strong dogs who really love to pull the sledge! After a brief instruction lesson, the huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. There are 2-4 persons in the sleighs driven by a professional guide. After the safari, you will enjoy a warm snack and tea in the base camp.


  • warm outdoor clothes and snow boots are recommended(2h outside)

from 45€

Why cook when you can buy dinners on the spot? Our special dinner package includes 4 dinners cooked in a local canteen.

Should you have allergies or other alimentary problems, you will be able to inform us in advance!


*Kindly note that extra activities can only be booked online up to 8 days before departure. They cannot be canceled or changed after the booking.

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