Levi has acquired an image of Finnish Las Vegas due to its well developed infrastructure and high level of services offered on the spot. Levi is located in the Fell Lapland, in the middle of pure nature and large wilderness areas. It offers a large scale of local activities  – reindeer and husky safaris, arctic swimming, Aurora Borealis – and a variety of winter sports you can try – snowshoe walking, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing snowmobile driving, Ice Karting – and all this with student friendly prices! The groups accommodate in well equipped apartments/cottages.

Why to travel to Levi

Party in the wild

Feel totally relaxed in your cabin in the woods. Vasatokka is our Northernmost location in Lapland. 

Master your ski skills

Learn the basics of building a fire, making snow houses and orienteering in the wild nature.

Ride a snowmobile

See breathtaking arctic landscapes, have a walk on the shore of the Arctic ocean or even swim there.

See Northern Lights

Visit the Real Santa Claus and his reindeers in Santa's village on the Arctic Circle crossing point.

Available trips

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