Destination Vasatokka is a youth centre located 300 kilometres North from the Arctic Circle, far beyond the civilization, hassle and artificial tourist resorts. True Lappish wilderness is a great place for many outdoor activities like snowshoeing, husky safari, snowmobile rides, etc. During the trip, you will also find out more about life and culture of the North, meet the Santa and reindeers and – if you dare – swim in the Arctic Ocean!

Reasons to go

Escape from hassle

Feel totally relaxed in your cabin in the woods. Vasatokka is our Northernmost location in Lapland. 

Learn arctic skills

Build your own snow house, try cross-country skiing and test your luck in Ice Fishing!

Swim in the Arctic Ocean

See breathtaking arctic landscapes, have a walk on the shore of the Arctic ocean or even swim there.

Meet Santa & Reindeers

Visit the Real Santa Claus and his reindeers in Santa's village on the Arctic Circle crossing point.

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