Reasons to go

Escape from hassle

Feel totally relaxed in your cabin in the woods. Vasatokka is our Northernmost location in Lapland. 

Learn arctic skills

Build your own snow house, try cross-country skiing and test your luck in Ice Fishing!

Swim in the Arctic Ocean

See breathtaking arctic landscapes, have a walk on the shore of the Arctic ocean or even swim there.

Meet Santa & Reindeers

Visit the Real Santa Claus and his reindeers in Santa's village on the Arctic Circle crossing point.

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What is included

  • Round Trip to Rovaniemi & Vasatokka from your booked departure point
  • 4 nights in Dorm (for base trip price) or Cabin (upgrade for an extra cost) according to availability when booking the trip and your choice.
  • Arctic Challenge activity inc. quinzee/teepee building, ice-fishing (weather permitting) 
  • Cross-country skiing school (3,5h)
  • Visit of the Santa Claus Village
  • Visit of the Saariselkä ski resort
  • Services of Timetravels Tour Leader in Vasatokka
  • Bed linen (without towels)
  • 4 Breakfasts in Vasatokka

Package price does not include

  • Other catering & meals 
  • Towels
  • Extra activities as described in the itinerary (can be booked online up to 8 days before departure)
  • Travel insurance

Sample itinerary


Order of the activities may change in the final itinerary, You will receive a final itinerary prior 2-3 days the trip by email

DAY 1 – Departure 

22:00 Departure from Helsinki Railway Station Square (next to Casino, Mikonkatu 17)

DAY 2 – Santa Claus Village (included)

00:30 Departure from Tampere RW Station

02:45 Departure from Jyväskylä Matkakeskus

08:00 Departure from Oulu Bus Station

11:30-12:15 Shopping in Rovaniemi Citymarket

12:30-14:30 Santa Claus Village Visit (2 hours)

14:30 Departure from Santa Claus Village to Vasatokka (340km left)

19:00 Arrival to Vasatokka. Briefing and Lodging

Dinner (for those who booked dinners) 

DAY 3 – Arctic Challenge (included), Cross-Country Skiing School (included), Snowshoe Hike (extra activity*)

07:00-08:00 Breakfast 

08:00-14:00 Arctic Challenge + Cross-Country Skiing - Winter activity that will include Ice fishing, quinzee building, and other outdoor activities

15:00-17:00 Sports Hall opened for collective games (Free of Charge)

17:00 Dinner (for those who booked dinners)

18:00-21:30 Night Snowmobile Safari (Group 1)

18:00-21:00 Night Snowshoe Hike + BBQ (Group 1)

21:00-00:00 Night Snowshoe Hike + BBQ (Group 2)

DAY 4 – Trip to Arctic Ocean (extra activity*)

07:00-08:00 Breakfast 

08:00 Departure for the day trip to Bugøynes, Norway.

 Lunch (Fish Soup) and Sauna - included

20:00 Arrival back

20:00 Dinner (for those who booked dinners) 

21:00-00:00 Night Snowshoe Hike + BBQ (Group 3)

DAY 5 – Reindeer Farm (extra activity*), Night Snowmobile (extra activity*)

07:00-09:00 Breakfast  
10:00-15:30 Reindeer Farm visit, Inari Village and Souvenir shop stop

17:00 Dinner (for those who booked dinners

18:00-21:30 Night Snowmobile Safari (Group 2)

18:00-21:00 Night Snowshoe Hike + BBQ (Group 4)

21:00-00:00 Night Snowshoe Hike + BBQ (Group 5)

DAY 6 – Husky Safari (extra activity*)

07:00-08:30 Breakfast

08:30   Bus departure to Saariselkä,

!!Check out from Vasatokka for EVERYONE!!

10:00-12:30 Husky Safari (Group 1)

12:00-14:30 Husky Safari (Group 2)

12:00-16:00 Ski Resort & Free Time

16:00 Departure from Saariselkä Holiday Club

20:00 Arrival to Rovaniemi, Dinner stop

00:00 Arrival to Oulu

DAY 7 – Arrival home

05:00 Arrival to Jyväskylä

07:00 Arrival to Tampere

08:00 Arrival to Hämeenlinna

09:30 Arrival to Helsinki

*extra activities price is available in "guided activities" section of this website page

We do not recommend booking connecting train, bus, ferry or flight tickets from Helsinki earlier than 13.30.

Departure time might change by 1-2 hours. Activities order might be changed.

Timetravels reserve the right to update the trip program


Activities in Vasatokka



Vasatokka is located in the polar region of Scandinavia where the Aurora Borealis is most active. According to the statistics, it is visible 200 days during the active season, from September to April. This means you have an 80% chance of catching it. The only thing that may prevent you from seeing the Northern Lights is cloudy weather. However, the possibility of a cloudless night during your visit is pretty good.

included in the base fare

Activities included in the base fare are not subject to partial/activity refund

In this activity, you will learn useful and fun skills how to survive in the Arctic wilderness- quinzee (snow shelter) building, ice fishing and fire making. All activities are organised by professional wilderness guides and instructors.

included in the base fare

Activities included in the base fare are not subject to partial/activity refund

In this activity, you will get to experience one of the most Finnish things to do - cross country skiing!

TIMETRAVELS price: from 59€  - activity average price in Inari region: from 130€ // DAY TRIP TO NORWAY

During this guided day bus tour you will learn more about the arctic nature, three sámi cultures and Finnish Kven culture located in the Bugoynes village on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. In addition, you will see breathtaking landscapes have a chance to walk on the shore of the Arctic ocean and even swim there. You have also a possibility to taste a traditional fish soup in a local restaurant. The tour is about 550 km in total and takes about 8 hrs.

TIMETRAVELS price: from 30€ - average price in Inari region: from 65€  //  DURATION 6hrs  //  WARM CLOTHING RECOMMENDED 

During the visit to the Reindeer Farm, you will get familiar with real Saami people and their reindeers, have a short reindeer sled ride and learn how to use lasso - Lappish style. After all the reindeers are fed, you will go to the cosy Kota to have a tea break and meet the real Saami people!

TIMETRAVELS price: from 90€ - average price in Inari region: from 130€  //  DURATION 6hrs  //  WARM CLOTHING RECOMMENDED 

The snowmobiles are a convenient mean of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill. Each snowmobile is shared between 2 persons, so both can drive about 45 minutes. The route takes you to hidden places out in the wilderness, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. If you are really lucky you might catch the northern lights in this great place! For people who have an adventure in their mind! IMPORTANT: for the snowmobile safari on Vasatokka trips you need to show your driver license: original or copy are accepted.


TIMETRAVELS price: from 30€ - average price in Inari region: from 65€   //  DURATION 3hrs  //  WARM CLOTHING RECOMMENDED

We will gather in the evening to experience snowshoeing - one of the oldest ways to explore the snowy forest of the Arctic region. After a short intoduction, you will get to use a GPS device to navigate through the nightly forest. During the short 2-3 km hike in the forest next to Vasatokka, you can spot animal tracks and even Northern Lights if you are lucky! In the end, you will learn how to make your own fire without matches and celebrate it with a nice BBQ.

TIMETRAVELS price: from 75€ - average price in Inari region: from 130€ //  DURATION 2hrs  //  CLOTHING IS WEATHER DEPENDING

Siberian huskies and cheerful and strong dogs those really like to pull the sledge! After a short instruction lesson, the huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. The sledge is shared for two people, each can drive about 20 min. After the safari, you will enjoy warm soup and tea in the base camp.

from 45€ 

In Vasatokka you have the possibility to enjoy four dinners during your stay, cooked from local food eg. fish, game and berries etc. Chose this option and you do not need to worry about cooking and you will save a lot of time!

Should you have allergies or other alimentary problems, you will be able to inform us in advance! 

*Kindly note that extra activities can only be booked online up to 8 days before the departure. They cannot be cancelled or changed after the booking.


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