Vasatokka spring 2014 - itinerary


    DAY 1: Departure to Lapland
    21.00 Bus Departure from Helsinki RW Station (Mikonkatu 17)
    22.00 Departure from the Riihimäki bus station (Matkakeskus)
    22.30 Departure from the Hämeenlinna tourist bus stop
    23.30 Departure from the Tampere (Railway Station square)

    DAY 2: Kemi Snow castle + Santa Claus Village (inclusive)
    01.30 Departure from Jyväskylä bus station (Matkakeskus)
    06.30 Departure from Oulu (Bus Station)
    07.00 Departure from Oulu (University St. Lucas Chapel)
    08.00 Arrival in Kemi. Shopping in Citymarket & Alko.
    10.00 Kemi Snow Castle (2 hours)
    11.30 Departure to Rovaniemi
    12.00 Arrival to Santa Claus Village (2 hours)
    TO DO: Cross officially the Arctic Circle, meet the Santa Claus, send postcards from Santas official post office, buy souvenirs and have lunch!
    17.00 Departure from Santa Claus Village to Vasatokka (340km left)
    20:00 Estimated arrival in Vasatokka. Briefing and lodging
    21:00 Dinner *
    22:00 Saunas & Arctic swimming until late!

    DAY 3: Survival Course — 50EUR, Guided Cross-Country Skiing — 20EUR
    09:00 Breakfast*
    10:00 Theory to surviving (30 minutes lecture)
    10:30 Making quinzees (sort of igloos) & fire
    12:00 Lunch by an open fire
    13:00 Snowshoe GPS-orienteering
    14:00 Guided Cross Country Skiing course
    12:00 Sports Hall opened for the collective games
    18:00 Dinner (for those who booked the half-board option)
    21:00 Saunas & Arctic Swimming until late

    DAY 4: Tour of the Arctic Ocean to Norway (inclusive)
    06:30 Breakfast*
    07.00 Departure to Bugøynes (Norway, approx 275km from Vasatokka)
    08.00 Short stop near Utsjoki sod huts and Saami church
    09.30 Stop in Nuorgam — the Northernmost city in the EU
    12.00 Arrival to Bugøynes, Sauna & Swimming in the Arctic Ocean
    13.10 Salmon Soup lunch (inclusive)
    13.50 Free time & Brown Cheese Degustation in nearby shop. Possibility to buy souvenirs.
    14:30 Drive back through Naatamo without stopping
    18.00 Estimated arrival back to Vasatokka
    19:00 Dinner*
    21:00 Saunas & Arctic swimming until midnight!

    DAY 5: Saami Day (Visit of the Reindeer Farm + Sami museum) - 30EUR
    09:30 Breakfast*
    10:30 Reindeer Farm
    13:30 Visit to the Siida Sami museum and Inari Village
    15:00 Visit to the K-Market, Souvenir Shop in Inari
    16:30 Sports Hall opened for the collective games
    19:00 Dinner*
    20:00 Sausage Party on the Lake Fox (inclusive)
    21:00 Saunas & Swimming in the Arctic Hole

    DAY 6: Husky Safari — 65EUR, Snowmobile Safari — 69EUR
    07:30 Breakfast*
    08.30 Bus departure to Saariselkä
    09.30 Husky safari
    11.00 Snowmobile Safari
    12.00 Free time in the Ski Resort. You can try Sledging down the longest slope in Europe (free), Downhill skiing with student discounts (2 h gear+ticket set only 35 €) Saariselkä SPA (15 €),
    17.00 Departure from Saariselkä
    20.00 Arrival to Rovaniemi, a gas station break for 45 min.

    DAY 7: Arrival Home
    00.15 Arrival in Oulu**
    04.00 Arrival in Jyväskylä**
    07.00 Arrival in Tampere**
    08.30 Arrival in Hämeenlinna**
    09.00 Arrival in Riihimäki**
    10.00 Arrival in Helsinki**

    *NB! Breakfast and dinner are inclusive only for those, who have booked the half-board package.
    Cost 55 € including 4 x breakfast and 4 x dinner in Vasatokka.
    **Arrival times on DAY 7 depend on road conditions and are therefore estimations.

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