Stunning nature 

A chance to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights during a night-time trek on snowshoes to the top of the highest fell. Learn about the night sky, discover Lappish life and culture.

Local tour guides 

Our tours are always accompanied by local tour guides, those will make sure that everythign will go smoothly and you will get the best out of your holiday!  


The Experience of a Lifetime

Feel like a Finn: enjoy the warmth of your rustic cottage with fireplace and own sauna, ride a husky sledge, drive a snowmobile. One of the highlights of the tour is King Crab Safari to Kirkenes in Norway! 

Sample itinerary

Sample tour program

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Day 1. Pick up from a chosen destination. Transportation to the cottage. Welcome briefing, tour around the resort. Free time. 

Day 2. Enjoy the magic of Lapland and relax with you family or friends. You can join our Husky, Reindeer or Snow Shoe safaris*. 

Day 3. Day tour to King Crab Capital of Nordics - Kirkenes, Norway. Tour includes transportation, boat ride and delicious "unlimited king crab" lunch. 

Day 4. Free time in Saariselkä for own activities. In the evening we recommend a snow mobile safari for Aurora hunting! 

Day 5. Check-out and departure to the airport. 

*Extra activities (not included in the trip price)

**Please note that the program above is a sample itinerary for tours to Saariselkä. Exact time of the activities is agreed separately.  

What to do in Saariselkä

Cross Country 
Cross-Country Ski + sauna & arctic swimming
from 38€  //  2hrs  //  Outdoor winter clothes Recommended 

Cross-country skiing is a Finnish national sport that is a lot of fun to participate in. Our guides will show you the techniques of skiing and will take you for a tour on the same tracks the professional world famous skiers also come and practice on. After a couple of hours on skis it is time for sauna and ice swimming. Amazing landscapes, new experinces. Feel like a true Finn!

Snowshoe adventure
from 30€  //  3hrs  //  Warm clothing Recommended 

Snowshoeing is one of our most enjoyable activities. Our guides make sure you conquer even the steepest of hills and enjoy what the National Park has to offer. You get a spectacular chance to both make new life long friendships and challenge your self in picturesque Lappish scenery, something to reminisce even after years. It is not extraordinary to see the Norhern Lights or even wild animals. At the end of the activity you will have the chance to taste a typical Lappish reindeer burger or a veg burger. Remember to bring a cheerfull attitude and clothing that is suitable for having fun in deep snow. Try something new, you will love it!


Reindeer sleigh ride / Farm visit
from 39€  //  2hrs  //  Clothes provided by service provider 

Reindeer are peaceful and gentle creatures of the north. Seated comfortably with a friend in a reindeer guided sleigh, you are taken on a ride in style. In this activity you are not only going to meet the reindeer but you are also getting an inside view into the lifestyle of the indigenious culture of Lapland, the Sámi people. In the golden days reindeer had a very different meaning to communities than they have today so come and hear about living in Lapland with the reindeers, we welcome you!

from 95€  //  3 hours  //  Clothes provided by service provider 

The snowmobiles are a convenient mean of transport beyond the Arctic Circle. Locals use them anywhere from going to a grocery store to paying a visit to a friend who lives behind the hill. For the snowmobile safari a driver's licence is required. Each snowmobile is shared between 2 persons, so both can drive about 45 minutes. The route takes you to hidden places out in the wilderness, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. If you are really lucky you might catch the northern lights in this great place! For people who have adventure in their mind!

Husky safari 
from 75€  //  2hrs  //  Warm clothing Recommended

Alaskan huskies are cheerful and strong dogs who really love to pull the sledge! After a brief instruction lesson the huskies will take you for a tour through the snowy landscapes. The sledges are shared by two people, each will drive for about 5km. After the safari you will enjoy a warm snack and tea in the base camp.

from 80€  // 3hrs // Warm clothing Recommended

This activity can not be booked in advance and may overlap with another activity. Limited spots, please ask your Tour Guide for information!

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is an amazing show put on by Mother Nature and only visible on the edges of the world. On our three-hour minibus tour we will truly be hunting for the best spots to enjoy and photograph this unique light show. Can be only requested on the spot

from 35€  //  1-3hrs  //  Warm clothing Recommended

This activity does not require pre-booking. Please ask your Guide for more information!

Nestling at the foot of Kaunispää fell and partly located within the borders of Urho Kekkonen National Park, the village of Saariselkä is one of Finland’s most exotic and popular ski resorts. You can go downhill skiing/Telemarking or snowboarding on a choice of six slopes. The landscape is simply breathtaking! Timetravels students get discounted rates by mentioning our discount code at the entrance to the resort. 


*Kindly note that extra activities are recommended to booked online up to 8 days before the departure. They cannot be cancelled or changed after the booking.

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